Get to know Mutale Mwanza in her new reality show

06 March 2023
Follow the media personality, mother, and social media star in Mutale Mwanza: Unscripted from Sunday, 9 April at 20:00.
Mutale Mwanza: Unscripted

Think you have Mutale Mwanza all figured out? Think again! Brace yourself for an all-new side of the TV and radio host as she bares it all in her latest reality series, Mutale Mwanza: Unscripted, premiering on Sunday, 9 April at 20:00.

Prepare to be taken on an unforgettable journey as Mutale shares never-before-seen details of her life, giving viewers a unique and intimate glimpse into her world.

As both the star and executive producer of the series, Mutale aims to break down the stereotypes and misconceptions that some Zambians have created about her, by revealing her true self: A devoted mother, daughter, and successful businesswoman.

The season will delve into her romantic life, close friendships, and how she tries to strike a balance between family life and fame. We tackle the industry rumours, too – Is she really “difficult” to work with? That’s not all, the season will delve into Mutale’s role as a parent.

Tune in to Zambezi Magic (DStv Channel 162 and GOtv Supa Channel 5) for the all-new seasons of Mutale Mwanza: Unscripted Catch Season 1, premiering on Sunday, 9 April at 20:00.