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Product of a broken home – Prestige

24 June 2021
Jeje’s infidelity not only affected his marriage to Eunice, but his children too.
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When Eunice found Jeje in bed with Jasmine, the day before they celebrated their 26th wedding anniversary, little did Jeje know he was throwing everything away.

Eunice did not hesitate to serve him with divorce papers. However, as broken as Eunice was, Malaika was the one hurting the most.

“I’m now a product of a broken home,” a sobbing Malaika told Jeje before questioning his choice for a mistress. Although their relationship is still stable, she can’t help but adjust how she navigates the situation.

She asks questions like “Can I visit dad today?” and “Can I take food to dad at the office?” Because these are some of the circumstances that now require her mother’s approval.

Chelsea wasn’t spared either. For her, the pain opened old wounds and brought back memories from her previous relationship.

Jasmine is not only her aunt but the same woman who slept with her ex-boyfriend Crispin and now the same woman breaking up her parent’s marriage. Where does it start and end with family?

In her defence, Jasmine blatantly told Eunice she’s never gotten over Jeje because he was hers first. Eighteen years later, she still wants to be with him.

The divorce proceedings are underway but Jeje is doing everything he can to stall and possibly avoid it. But as Eunice put it: “It will happen, and you only have yourself to blame.”

The story continues and Jeje isn’t battling to save only his marriage. His business has taken a knock too.

Will he manage to convince Eunice not to go ahead with the divorce? Will he get all the money he’s lost through his business dealings with Jasmine?

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