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Francis Kirunda, the ladies’ man – Sanyu

01 October 2021
He has a soft spot for women, especially young ones.
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If Francis Kirunda is not preparing for an election campaign, he’s out and about mingling with the elite in Kampala; and if he’s doing none of the above, he’s cleaning up his family’s mess-ups. Despite being so busy, he comes across quite a few young ladies who smile his way every now and then.

Linda knows the kind of man Francis is, and in their marriage, she has accepted his infidelities because she never leaves.

We look at some of the times when Francis disrespected his marriage and wife.

When Linda was sick and in need of a doctor, Francis fired his wife’s doctor and friend, Dr Ruhinda. He felt the doctor was too comfortable around his wife and he did not like that. He has often gambled with his wife’s health because of his insecurities. You know what they say about cheaters and insecurities? Yes, there would be hell to pay if he caught his wife with another man.

Also, when Sanyu disguised herself as Sasha, Francis wasted no time trying to charm her, but she told him where to get off. She was left shocked because she never imagined that her ex-boyfriend’s father would make a pass at her. Francis didn’t care and he carried on as if nothing had happened.

His relationship with his sons is not the best because of the way he treats his wife. However, when they get in trouble, he’s always there to clean up after them. He has no cares when he’s dragging the Kirunda name but when it’s someone else doing it he loses it.

Let’s not forget the dozens of other women he has brought into his house, in Linda’s presence. He’ll wake up one day and she will be gone, and that will be the day he realises he has taken his family for granted.

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