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Lucy vs Kirunda – Sanyu

29 August 2023
The outcome of this highly anticipated court ruling will determine the eventual outcome of the showdown between the two parties.
Francis vs Lucy

In light of Lucy's arrest, Francis has hired Lukakamwa, the family lawyer of the Kirunda family, to represent Lucy as her defence attorney.


Lucy is facing a long list of charges, including the murder of Theresa, her ex-husband's wife. Kirunda has been closely monitoring Lucy's destructive actions against his family for months.


Despite all that has transpired, Francis has paid Lukakamwa to ensure that Lucy is acquitted of all her crimes. Why? Because he fears that Lucy might implicate him if she starts revealing information in court. What about justice for Patrick and the havoc and instability Lucy has caused for the other members of the Kirunda family?


Lucy and Francis are two sides of the same coin. They prioritise their interests in the guise of protecting their loved ones. The anticipation for the court case is intense, as both parties are preparing for a fierce battle against one another.


Experience the captivating saga of the Kirunda family, as their high-profile court case unfolds. The outcome of this gripping trial has piqued the interest of countless individuals.



Join us as we delve into the intricate web of deception, secrets, and crime. Will Lucy, a key player in this scandalous affair, choose to sing and expose Francis for his heinous acts? Or will she entrust Lukakamwa to ensure her freedom?


Be part of this riveting journey towards justice and stay tuned for the courtroom drama. Tune in to Sanyu every weekday at 8 pm on Pearl Magic Prime, available on DStv Stream channel 148 and GOtv channel 303.