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Is Sanyu cheating with Amooti? – Sanyu

26 September 2023
Sanyu’s relationship with Amooti has Oscar losing his mind.
Sanyu and Amooti  article cover

Recently, Oscar has been grappling with doubts about his hasty marriage to Sanyu. These doubts seem to have found some validation as his wife has been frequently spotted in public with another man. 

In her defence, Sanyu argues that her interactions with Amooti are strictly business, despite the occasional display of affection such as hand-kissing and cheek pecks. 

Amidst this situation, one might question whether Sanyu is simply being naive, playing the role of a strategic businesswoman, or actually engaging in an affair with Amooti. 

While Amooti's intentions towards Sanyu are clear, it remains unclear why she has not established clear boundaries with her "friend."

Will their marriage survive this?

Sanyu found herself in a bitter feud with the Kirundas, leaving Oscar stuck in the middle, torn between supporting her or siding with his family. 

However, with the appearance of Amooti, it has become clear where Oscar's loyalty lies. He bluntly told Sanyu, 'Right now, I don't care about you. All I care about is my child.'

In the face of this challenging situation, Sanyu must decide how to salvage her marriage. Will she cut ties with Amooti in the hope of rebuilding trust with her husband? Or will she continue seeing him, driven by the belief that their 'business' venture will yield results and win back Oscar's trust? 

As the story unfolds, it remains to be seen how Sanyu and Oscar will overcome these obstacles. 

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