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Family vs marriage – Sanyu

15 September 2023
Did Oscar rush into marrying Sanyu or is it emotions playing tricks on him?
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This is the question that Oscar finds himself grappling with as he faces a storm of difficult circumstances. 

The involvement of his wife, Sanyu, with Atwiine and the tragic events surrounding Patrick's wife's death have caused a rift between Sanyu and the Kirundas, Oscar's family.

Despite his best efforts to be a good husband, Oscar feels like he is failing Sanyu, leading him to question whether their marriage was rushed. Caught between his family and his wife, he feels torn and unsure of which path to choose. 

"I promised Sanyu the world, but it seems all I've given her is misery," he confesses. The weight of this emotional turmoil is taking a toll on Oscar, especially as Sanyu is determined to distance herself from the Kirundas, a feeling that is reciprocated by his family. 

What will it take for Oscar to find a resolution that satisfies both his family and his wife? Will he choose to honour his commitment to his wife, promising to stand by her through thick and thin, or will he ultimately prioritize his family?

Stay tuned as the story unfolds on Sanyu airing every weekday at 8 pm on Pearl Magic Prime DStv channel 148 and GOtv channel 303. 


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