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Chronicles of a last born – Sanyu

31 January 2024
Recent revelations about Francis Kirunda’s infidelity, have tickled a bone with Mellisa
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Hold onto your seats because the Kirunda family saga just got a whole lot juicier! Brace yourself for a rollercoaster of emotions as Francis Kirunda's secrets come crashing down, leaving the youngest daughter, Mellisa, caught in the storm. 

Picture this: Francis, the not-so-faithful family man, is now facing the consequences of his actions. But it's not just any consequence – it's a bombshell that explodes right in front of everyone!

Turns out, Keke, Mellisa's supposed BFF, is not just a pal but blood, sharing the same dad! 

Keke, thinking she's just a regular friend hanging out at the Kirunda mansion, gets hit with the news that she's part of the Kirunda clan. The revelation hits her like a ton of bricks, shaking up her world faster than a blender on turbo mode. 

Now, while some of the siblings are doing the awkward "welcome to the family" dance, Mellisa is drowning in a sea of feels. She's convinced Keke is here to snatch away her daddy's attention, and paranoia kicks in hard. She even thinks her brothers and sisters are ghosting her calls! 

As Mellisa tries to wrap her head around this plot twist, we're left wondering – what's her next move? Should she pull a disappearing act for a while to clear her head, or should she go full-on drama mode and demand answers right now? Or just be happy that she has a sister?

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