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Can Linda go against Francis? – Sanyu

07 November 2023
Linda has endured a lot of pain from her husband Francis, but is pushing him out of the family business a good move?
Linda vs Francis article cover

Linda, the strong-willed matriarch of the renowned Kirunda Fashion House in Kampala, has made a daring decision - to remove her husband Francis from his long-standing position on the board. Influenced by her mother and fuelled by years of enduring pain at the hands of Francis, Linda is determined to see her plan through. 

With this bold move, the future of Kirunda Fashion House hangs in the balance, leaving everyone wondering what lies ahead for this powerhouse in the industry. While Francis may be known as a notorious gangster in a suit, his undeniable contributions to the company cannot be overlooked.  

He is a true mover and shaker who has always gone above and beyond for his family, including his wife, Linda. Could it be that Linda has finally reached her breaking point after enduring years of Francis's mistreatment?  

The reasons behind her decision are clear. Francis has shown favouritism towards Oscar, who is not Linda's biological son, by gifting him with a franchise of nightclubs, the Kangume Bars. He has also caused a divide between his sons by neglecting Patrick's interests at Kirunda Fashion.  

Moreover, Linda has had to deal with numerous instances of infidelity throughout their relationship. Is this Linda's way of finally standing up against Francis's past transgressions, or does she genuinely believe that he is no longer serving the best interests of Kirunda Fashion? Only time will reveal the true motivations behind Linda's actions, but one thing is certain - the repercussions of this power struggle will affect the livelihoods of many.  

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