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2024 Wishlist – Pearl Magic Prime

18 December 2023
As we bid farewell to another year, our anticipation grows for the evolution of our beloved characters, their triumphs, and their struggles.
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The world of Pearl Magic Prime has been a whirlwind of emotions, with secrets unveiled, families torn apart, and so much more.

As we approach the dawn of 2024, we have compiled a heartfelt Wishlist for those characters who have captivated our hearts throughout 2023.


Oscar, oh how the flames of adversity have licked at his very soul this year. Discovering that the woman who raised him was not his biological mother, only to have his forsaken twin, Alex, attempt to usurp his identity. And to add salt to the wound, he found himself stripped of the honeyed riches that once adorned his life, the Kirunda wealth.

In the coming year, we fervently wish for him to find his footing once more, to rise from the ashes and provide for his pregnant wife and child. May the flames that have scorched his path ignite a newfound strength within him.


Miss Kaya, a woman yearning for love, finds herself questioning whether Marcus truly holds the key to her heart. Is it truly Marcus she desires, or merely a man who fits the mould of her ideal partner? The answer eludes us. As the year unfolds, we implore her to release the facade and seek a love that will embrace her unconditionally, unburdened by pretence.


Oh, dear Bella! This year has witnessed her valiant efforts to rekindle the spark that once ignited in Joel's eyes, all in vain. Her days are now shrouded in a cloud of unworthiness, a sorrowful sight to behold.

May she come to realise that she deserves far more than an unfaithful husband. She should let embers of self-worth ignite within her may she find strength to walk away from it all

The Kirunda Family

If chaos had a name, it would undoubtedly be the Kirunda family. Linda, with her iron fist, ruled the household with an unwavering authority. Patrick, once thought to be mild-mannered, unleashed a dormant beast within him, igniting a fierce war with his younger brother. Oscar, treading a desolate path, now finds himself lost in the shadows. And Mellisa, the fiery youngest sibling, continued to embody her hot-headed nature. 

Hopefully in the new year, they will put their differences aside and become the powerhouse family they’re known to be.

The Kayas

Ah, the Kayas, masters of deception. From the outside, they appeared to be the epitome of a well-put-together family. Yet, behind closed doors, their lives were a tangled web of turmoil. Dylan, battling his demons, struggled to find solace in sobriety. Channel, drawn to the wrong crowd, danced dangerously close to the edge and almost found herself spendi time in prison. And Monica, seeking solace in forbidden arms, found comfort in the embrace of the family's chauffeur. As for Justus, a devastating loss to his closest confidant shattered the trust he had placed in humans. May the year 2024 bring kindness and redemption to each and every member of the Kaya family.

The Mbiddes

Where does one even begin with the web of lies and betrayal that engulfs the Mbiddes? Charles, once hopeful for a united family making their mark in the pharmaceutical business, had his dreams shattered when he discovered his wife's deceit. Damalie, harbouring a well-guarded secret, revealed her ownership of the very properties for which Charles had been paying rent. Meanwhile, she found solace in the arms of Joel, a supposed family friend.

Glenn and Drucilla are embarking on different journeys to find their footing in this tumultuous existence. Our heartfelt desire is for tranquillity to envelop this family once more, rekindling the love that once flourished between Damalie and Charles.

The year might be ending but the drama continues on Pearl Magic Prime on DStv Stream channel 148 and GOtv Stream channel 303.