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Who is Crystal? – Sanyu

11 March 2022
Where does she come from, and what is her mission?
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Behind the goofiness and smiles, something is unsettling about Crystal, especially towards Sanyu. Is it because she knows that Sanyu is the woman Oscar's heart has been drawn to?

When Linda told Sanyu that she'll always be part of the Kirunda family, something moved in Crystal. She could not hide her “I don't like you, one-bit” face. In fact, her actions resembled Oscar's ex-girlfriend, Kirabo.

Wait, could Kirabo and Crystal be related? And if so, why would she not say? Just a thought...but think about it too.

Or maybe she's come for revenge for Kirabo and Pius. The “unjust” treatment those two received from the Kirundas could mean they have been plotting a comeback.

As mentioned, her vibe is not as innocent as she thinks she's portraying it to be. Something is offish. ✋?

Soon her true colours will be revealed, and her intentions will come forth. For now, she's the girl who kind of seems obsessed with Oscar Kirunda.

We could be wrong, but there is something very mysterious about Crystal.

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