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What’s next for Sanyu?

22 July 2021
Now that it has been revealed that Sasha and Sanyu are the same person, what’s next for her?
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In her quest to prove her innocence to the Kirundas, Sanyu might have underestimated the harm her impersonation could cause.

Her carelessness had Lucy and Kirabo on her tail and when she eventually let her guard down, they struck and revealed to the whole Kirunda family that she was pretending to be someone else.

The revelation hurt Oscar as he felt betrayed, while George applauded her for pulling such a “genius” stunt.

The way forward

Seeing that she’s ready to live her life away from the Kirundas, will she take the plunge? Because there’s always something that draws her back to the mansion.

Or will this be her opportunity to finally focus on fulfilling her dream of going back to school and becoming a qualified designer?

George is starting to acknowledge Sanyu’s work, but will that be enough for her to continue working with him when she knows he has ties to Oscar and the rest of the family?

The story continues on Sanyu every weekday at 8pm on Pearl Magic Prime DStv channel 148.