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What about Kule? – Sanyu

01 October 2021
There’s going to be an additional member in the Kirunda family.
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Lucy broke the news of her pregnancy to her husband Patrick after feeling sick and visiting her doctor. As much as she’s the least favourite in the mansion, the news brought smiles to everyone’s face including her mother-in-law, Linda.

What’s next?

As far as the Kirundas are concerned, Lucy is carrying her first child, making the baby the first grandchild of the family. However, that is not the case. Lucy has a son called Kule whom she has tried her best to hide from the family. Ironically, Patrick would do anything to see the little boy happy. So, if Patrick likes Kule so much, why is it that Lucy finds it difficult to tell the truth?

This could be the reason: Lucy wants power. Revealing the fact that Kule is her son will make things difficult for her. She could be kicked out of the Kirunda mansion, like when she was accused of trying to poison Linda.

Although she tried to survive, she couldn’t and ended up returning to the village. Life back home was a reminder of why she has never visited home since she got married. Poverty is real and she never wants to go back.

Knowing Lucy, she’ll probably find a way to mix up the DNA results if asked for a test.

But what about the little boy longing for his mother’s love? Wishing for a better life from a mother bent on power and acceptance?

Maybe she’ll surprise us and come clean...that would be interesting to see.

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