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The Kirunda weddings – Sanyu

06 April 2022
Two renewals of vows and a wedding, all under one roof.
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It is a triple dose affair, and we are here for all the drama, love, and everything that will come with the weddings of one of Kampala’s wealthiest families.


Francis and Linda renew their vows!

Linda and Francis are now in a good space after years of just “tolerating” each other. Both have had their fair share of infidelities, but they have found each other again.

The renewal of vows came as a shock to Linda, but she agreed. And ever since the announcement, love has been in the air for the senior citizens of the Kirunda mansion.

Oscar and Crystal's wedding!

These two have not been together for long, but everything about their relationship is travelling at the speed of light.

Doubts have started creeping in, red flags are presenting themself, but they're still going ahead with the wedding.

No one knows much about Crystal's family, but they have welcomed her as one of their own after she donated part of her liver to Linda.

Oscar told his fiancée: “I don't think I will love you right.” Whatever that means, and however Crystal interprets it, the wedding is going ahead.

Lucy and Patrick are also on the bandwagon!

After Patrick drugged Lucy and she ended up losing their child, she sought revenge by pushing Patrick down the stairs, leaving him with a broken arm.

The couple could not face each other for some time because they blamed one another for what happened to the baby and Patrick's arm.

The news of Oscar, Francis and Linda’s wedding reignited something within Lucy and Patrick.


At first, Lucy didn't want to, but Patrick gave her an ultimatum: either they renew their vows or get divorced.

It was a no-brainer for Lucy because she would rather be unhappy in love than leave the Kirunda house and be poor.

It's a first for the Kirundas to be preparing for so many events simultaneously. And if we have learnt anything about their events: drama is inevitable.

The question is: whose skeletons will hinder the celebrations?

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