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The cost of an idea – Sanyu

16 November 2021
George now knows the reason behind his kidnapping.
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After months in captivity, George showed up at court as Oscar was about to be sentenced for murdering him. It turns out Oscar was an easy target to pin the crime on because he had scores to settle with George.

Steve, George's former associate, told him he was the one behind the kidnapping because he wanted “his” company back. He added that it was his idea to start a fashion house, to which George agreed.

"Yes, it was. But that is all it was, just a mere idea. I'm the one who put the work in, sweat and hours to make sure it was a success," George said to him.

Now that it's proven Oscar had nothing to do with his kidnapping, George has some explaining to do as the family has started asking questions about the credibility of his business associate.

The idea he stole almost cost him his life, his fiancé, and his company. He now must start rebuilding his life and make sure his company is still one of the best fashion houses in Kampala.

As for his relationships with Sanyu and Oscar, he has a lot of work to do.  Knowing George, he'll get mad at them for having an affair and not finding him on time.

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