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Sanyu’s 150 episodes of captivating magic: Part 2

26 January 2022
We continue to look back at what an incredible journey it has been with Sanyu.
Sanyu Article

It might feel like we have covered it all, but not by a long shot.

Oscar’s murder trial

When they could not find George, the police assumed the worst and Oscar was charged with murder. A few minutes before the judge handed Oscar his sentence, George walked in and proved to everyone that Oscar was not a murderer.

Linda and Dr Ruhinda's moments

Linda has been married to Francis for many years, but she's still a lonely woman. Her husband has disrespected her numerous times by bringing different women into their home.

When Linda fell ill, Dr Ruhinda, the Kirundas’ family doctor, took it upon himself to make sure he nursed Linda back to health. The time they spent together made them grow closer.

They started developing feelings for each other, and even Francis could see his wife's face brighten when the doctor was around.

Lucy's pregnancy

Lucy announced the news of her pregnancy, and she immediately became the Kirundas’ favourite person.

However, the question remains, will she ever reveal to her family that she has another child from outside? We're waiting patiently for the day the truth finally comes out.

Batte falling ill

Just as things started looking better for Sanyu, her father fell ill. Recently, he coughed up blood which raised concerns.

When he got to the hospital, he was diagnosed with lung disease. The doctor advised Sanyu and her family that Batte undergo lung reduction surgery.

The question remains: Will Batte sue the Kirundas for his failing health, seeing how he spent most of his life working there? Or will he let it slide?

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