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Sanyu’s 150 episodes of captivating magic: Part 1

26 January 2022
Let's raise a glass to this amazing milestone.
Sanyu Article

It feels like yesterday when Sanyu first hit our screens. Little did we know that it would become part of our daily lives.

Week in and week out, we have seen our characters doing amazing things on screen, and we just cannot get enough.

Two seasons in and 250 episodes down, Sanyu remains one of the best shows Uganda has produced.

Let's take a moment and reflect on why we love Sanyu so much.


We can never forget when Sanyu turned herself into Sasha and went undercover in the Kirunda mansion. The purpose was to clear her name after she was accused of stealing the family's fashion designs.

Lucy's secret child

It came as shock to many of us that Lucy had a child, which she had been keeping a secret from her husband and the rest of the Kirunda family.

Kule is Lucy’s child whom she had before moving to the city. She has made a point of paying off anyone who might be a threat by revealing the secret, including the identity of the boy's father, Matia.

George goes missing

For the longest time, George, who was Sanyu's boss at the time, treated her like she was nothing. George would fault Sanyu even when her work deserved to be complimented. It was later revealed that it was the only way he knew of expressing his love for her.

Sanyu and George’s love journey led to a wedding, but on the day, George was abducted, and Oscar Kirunda was accused of the crime. Efforts to find him were in vain and Oscar was charged with his murder after he was the last person to fight with George.

Oscar and Sanyu’s engagement

While George was missing, Oscar did not care what charges were brought before him. All he knew was that he wanted Sanyu by his side.

It came as a shock when Sanyu accepted Oscar's proposal while the man she was supposed to marry was missing.

Again, one could argue that it's Oscar who's always had Sanyu's heart.

Indeed, a lot has happened and we're far from being done.

Remember, Sanyu airs every weekday at 8 pm on Pearl Magic Prime DStv channel 148 and GOtv Supa channel 305.