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27 January 2022
Here is a list of five Pearl Magic Prime shows you can binge on Showmax.
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Are you looking for a show to binge on? Well, look no further because Showmax has not only one but several Pearl Magic Prime shows to keep you company.


So much is happening on Sanyu right now. Sanyu has her own company, but it seems like she cannot reach the level of happiness she so desires. Recently, she found out that her father might have to undergo life-threatening surgery. Who will take care of things while she is looking after her gravely ill father?

Watch Sanyu now!


Greed and betrayal are the order of the day among the Kintu family. After years of disagreements, it looks like Jasmine and Eunice have made peace that their rivalry is not just in business; it is very personal too.

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Our Perfect Wedding

For us, weddings are more than just two people saying, "I do". It is about walking through a journey with two individuals that have chosen to commit to one another and weather any storm as a unit. Our Perfect Wedding also serves as a source of inspiration to those whom one day see themselves walking the same path.

Why not click here and see what other couples have done for their big days?


So much drama is happening in Chapterz! Dr Bridget ended her marriage to Ben after years of infidelity. Not that she was innocent of infidelity either, but what made her mad was her husband dating the daughter of the man she was seeing.

One could say there is something enticing about the Musokes. Grab your popcorn and settle in because a whole lot is yet to unfold!

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Date My Family

When it comes to Date My Family, the phrase “three is a crowd” does not apply. You will have people in your business and if you are lucky, you might score a date.

Unlike the conventional way, your hope of scoring a date depends on other people, and it is interesting to see bachelors going out of their way to impress family members so they can find partners.

You do not want to miss this fun way of looking for love!

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There is no way you can be bored when there is so much variety on Showmax! Do not hesitate, click to watch now.