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Many shades of Mellisa – Sanyu

31 August 2021
She’s feisty and outspoken but deep down she’s a sweetheart.
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If there’s one person you want in your corner, Mellisa should come to mind. She’s the true definition of “dynamite come in small packages”. Sanyu can attest to this.

However, most of the time times she’s misunderstood. Her loyalty to her family knows no bounds. But don’t get it twisted: if she feels like throwing a punch, she will do exactly that.

The sweetheart

She was the first in the mansion to befriend Sanyu and make her feel at home. All because she wanted to see her brother Oscar happy.

The protector

Mellisa proved that if you embarrass her family, you’re embarrassing her. Up to this day, she can’t stand Kirabo and would rather see her brother happy with someone other than Kirabo. Same goes for her sister-in-law, Lucy.

The samaritan

When Mr Batte couldn’t raise enough money to bail out his daughter Sanyu, Mellisa collected the money and Sanyu was freed. Although Mr Batte wanted to pay back the money, she insisted he didn’t. And her friendship with Sanyu just grew.

The fighter

If there’s one thing that Kirabo and Lucy share, it’s their intolerance for the last-born in the Kirunda mansion. They sees right through their ways and are never afraid to call them out.

The spoilt brat

Coming from a rich family has its perks and Mellisa isn’t shy of the privilege she grew up with. Her unfiltered words cut deep. She doesn’t care. Her parents have had moments when they thought they misheard her, but they didn’t.

She’s unfiltered and if she feels there’s still injustice in the world, she’ll get her hands dirty fighting for what’s right.

Follow her journey as the story continues to unfold on Sanyu weekdays at 8pm on #PearlMagicPrime DStv channel 148.