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Is George dead? – Sanyu

05 November 2021
Francis Kirunda confirmed to the press that George passed away.
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After months of searching with no leads, a body burnt beyond recognition was recovered and identified as George.

Kirunda confirmed to the press that the body indeed belonged to his nephew. However, he made his announcement prior to the body being fully examined by the forensic team in Kampala.

Upon the announcement, a charge of attempted murder was made against Oscar.

What will happen next?

If indeed George is no more, Oscar will have to work ten times harder to prove his innocence. He has been the number one suspect from the get-go.

He is the one who had a known vendetta against George and all evidence put him at the scene of the crime.

If not Oscar, who could have wanted George dead? Only he knows the enemies he made along the way and now he’s not around to tell anyone about the events leading to his death.

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