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Couples we’d love to see together

14 February 2022
As we celebrate the month of love, we cannot help but wish that certain characters would make our wishes come true and be together.
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And living on faith, maybe one day Cupid will find them, and they will realise that what they have been searching for has always been right under their noses.

Oscar and Sanyu – Sanyu

These two have been to hell and back, and unfortunately, nothing good comes out of hell. But we cannot dispute that they made our weeknights ones to look forward to because their relationship was like a dream.

A true fairy tale of a village girl swept away by a rich boy and almost living happily ever after.

Chelsea and Crispin – Prestige

Okay, we were not the only ones left shattered when Chelsea and Crispin broke up. Both made bad decisions, and as a result, their relationship suffered.

Even though they are now friendly towards each other, we cannot help but wish they would find each other and become the perfect couple they once were.

Catherine and Bush – Chapterz

It is no time for blame, but Catherine could have done better. Their relationship made sense to many people, and even Bush himself.

However, Catherine’s wild ways drove him away. Sadly, she wants him back now. However, if Cupid can grant our wish, we would be over the moon.

Petero and Rosemary – Between Us

These two are living proof that three is a crowd. If their parents had not become involved in their affair, Petero and Rosemary would have married each other.

But how could they when their families have been enemies for years? Can’t they leave everything and everyone and start a new life away from their families?

Oh well, we will just live in faith and hope that one day they realise that love always wins.

Are you also hoping for the best when it comes to these relationships? Stay glued to Pearl Magic Prime DStv channel 148 and GOtv Supa channel 305.