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Can grief make Lucy confess? – Sanyu

23 February 2022
After losing her baby, will the whole ordeal make her come clean about her first baby?
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The mood has been sombre at the Kirunda mansion ever since the news of Lucy's baby's death. Lucy has not been able to leave her room, and understandably so.

However, when news of the passing of the newborn came, we were reminded of what Nakakande once asked Lucy while she was still pregnant: "What about Kunle?" Nakakande asked.

Being the unbothered, larger-than-life woman Lucy is, she quickly brushed her off and told her to mind her duties as a maid.

Now the question is, will she come clean about her firstborn baby?

Kunle is known to the Kirunda family as Lucy's nephew. In this time of grief, will she remember her firstborn baby?

Will the family be lenient with her, since she’s just lost one of their own? We think now is the best time to reveal that Kunle is hers and not her cousin's.

But knowing Lucy, she would rather grieve as long as it takes than risk being kicked out of the mansion.

Poverty is Lucy's biggest fear, and without the Kirundas she is a nobody. Will Kunle forever be the hidden treasure? Or will Lucy finally gather the strength to come clean and take the outcome chin up?

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