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Best of 21: We see you: Part I

08 January 2022
Often, they are forgotten, but once they speak everyone pays attention.
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It has become a norm that we only look at two sides when it comes to a story: the protagonist’s and antagonist’s.

However, there are supporting characters in every series that have roles that are as important but never given enough time in the spotlight. The same applies to all Pearl Magic Prime’s incredible shows.

Let us look at some of the characters whose comic sense, wisdom, or even loyalty have made magic on the shows.

Dembe on Sanyu

Let us be honest. Nothing gets done in the Kirunda mansion without Dembe. He's the one person who wears many hats in that mansion and could easily be the only one to trust.

If they are looking for a chauffeur, he is the go-to guy. Looking for someone to dive into the ocean to search for a lost engagement ring? He is on speed dial. Okay, a little dramatic here, but he is that guy.

In all honesty, without Dembe on Sanyu, who would easily fight five men at once and emerge victoriously? No one!

Andre on What If

Andre is the sounding board and William is lucky to have him in his corner. Unlike his friends, he listens.

Many times, William has dodged sticky situations because Andre was there to help him see reason.

He probably experiences a lot of chest pains because he is a walking cupboard carrying many skeletons. Everyone in this life needs to have at least one Andre in their lives.

Milton on Prestige

If characters could trade places with animals, Milton would be a dog because his loyalty knows no bounds.

His relationship with Jeje is rooted strongly and deeply in loyalty. He would lay down his life rather than betray him, that is how special their relationship is. And because he loves Jeje, his loyalty extends to the people closest to Jeje.

He has saved Jeje many times from doing wrong. In cases where Jeje was too stubborn to listen, Milton has always been there to make sure Jeje's back is covered. Few would do that for a friend. We salute Milton.

For more great supporting characters tune in to Pearl Magic Prime DStv channel 148 and GOtv Supa channel 305.