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A recap on Pearl Magic Prime this week

05 November 2021
Between Prestige, Sanyu, Chapterz and What if , so much happened and we’re just cant get enough!
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Oscar had a rough start to his stay in prison after the court decided he had to remain inside, pending George’s case. Being from a wealthy family proved to mean nothing after he was attacked for dropping the soap.

As if that was not enough, Sanyu visited him, but it was not a courtesy visit. She came to break off the engagement.

Linda, Patrick, and Mellisa are all struggling to accept his arrest.


Jasmine has proven once more that Malaika will always have a special place in her heart. After she confided in her about her agent making moves on her, Jasmine made it her mission to deal with him.

She has been going around asking questions and almost gave it away to Crispin that her memory is back.

Meanwhile, Chelsea and Grace are becoming closer by the day. She almost found out who Aligawesa was when his wife insisted on meeting the man in Chelsea’s life.

There have been too many close calls and eventually, Chelsea will know.


Social butterfly Sandra is stuck between a rock and a hard place after realising that Senga has put measures in place to restrict movement in the Musoke household.

According to Senga, the Musoke women have been living as they please and their actions are not a reflection of how Musokes should carry themselves.

Their retaliation has fallen on deaf ears, and they have no other choice but to report and write down their movements. This has not been welcomed but it has been implemented either way.

What If

Martha is finding it hard to balance her work pressure and her relationship with Antonio.

After being told to resign at work, she pointed out that being in a relationship is too much for her. She’s come to realise that his career path bothers her.

Looking for the best in Ugandan storytelling? Look no further because Pearl Magic Prime has you covered.

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