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Why we will miss Jeje and Milton – Prestige

25 June 2023
There are friendships that stand the test of time and Milton and Jeje’s is one we’ve been privileged to have witnessed.
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Jeje and Milton have been inseparable since day one. Their bond was so strong that it defined brotherhood. Despite their notorious reputation and thuggery ways, we couldn't help but admire the love that fuelled the bad deeds they did.

Their motto: Protect the Kintu-Samula clan and all its businesses by any means necessary.

Whenever the Kintus faced any threats, Jeje and Milton were always there to deal with them without fear. Their friendship was unbreakable, or so we thought.

Recent events left us questioning if their camaraderie was built purely on the secrets they shared. But it was a shock to many when Jeje actually killed his best friend, Milton. 

According to Jeje, he felt that Milton was being sloppy and associating with the wrong people, and he had to take matters into his own hands.

Their actions might have made us angry, but one thing we will never forget is how they stepped up to the roles of being protectors. They may have been thugs, but they always had a sense of loyalty to each other.

Regardless of what happened, their story will always be remembered as one of the most intense and emotional friendships on Ugandan television. It's a reminder that the bonds of brotherhood can be both beautiful and deadly.

As the curtain closes on Prestige, we can't help but feel a sense of loss. The Oasis Hotel, where most of their meetings were held, has become a part of our lives.