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Jasmine the 'treacherous serpent' – Prestige

16 November 2021
Jasmine is ready to deal with her enemies.
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Old scores are going to be settled between Jasmine and Arianna after Arianna realised Jasmine has been faking her memory loss for a while.

Arianna is making it her mission to expose Jasmine for the devious woman she is.

In a heated conversation, the two ladies vowed to come at each other with all that they have and none of them seemed scared of the other.

However, knowing Jasmine, Arianna is picking a fight way out of her league.

"I am back, with more fire and venom than you have ever seen before. So, mark my words when I tell you that I'll see you in hell," Jasmine cautioned her.

Arianna has come forward to declare war and Jasmine is ready for it.

Another person on her radar is her stepmother, Harriet. Following the revelation that she was responsible for Jasmine's miscarriage and now the accident which almost killed her, Harriet has been advised to go into hiding because her stepdaughter is coming for her.

In a phishing expedition, Jasmine tried to get answers from her niece, Malaika who saw everything that night. However, Malaika was too scared to tell the truth.

Apart from the Prestige shares she has been gunning for, what else can Jasmine gain from starting a war with her family?

Will she feel better seeing them destroyed? Only time will tell.

Watch as the story continues to unfold on Prestige every weekday at 8:30 pm on Pearl Magic Prime DStv channel 148 and GOtv Supa channel 305.