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Jasmine’s fairytale escape – Prestige

30 June 2021
While fighting for her life in hospital, Jasmine escapes to fairyland to live her best life.
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It’s a sunny day, a wedding by the lake, and two people madly in love are ready to commit.

Everything Jasmine ever wished for is coming true and she couldn’t be happier. As she celebrates her big day, none of her family members are present and she couldn’t be bothered because the only person who should be there, already is.

Nervousness is visible in Jeje’s eyes and it becomes worse when Milton can’t find the rings in his inner pocket. Just as he finds the rings, there she is: Jasmine walking down the aisle.

Yes! Jasmine and Jeje are getting married! And they are extremely happy about this day.

However, there’s a beeping sound that makes Jasmine uncomfortable. She doesn’t know where it’s coming from, but it keeps getting louder.

The hospital machines keep reminding her that she fell off the stairs and is fighting for her life. According to her mother, the doctors say her condition hasn’t changed. Is Jasmine going to be ok?

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