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Eunice, Jeje did Jasmine wrong – Prestige

30 November 2021
All the hate Jasmine carries around could have been avoided all those years ago.
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It is unfortunate that Jeje never saw any wrong in leaving Jasmine for her half-sister, Eunice all those years ago.

One could say all the hate Jasmine carries around is justified because had she not introduced her man to her sister, she would have had her happily ever after, as she believes.

All her life she's been making sure that whatever she does her sister feels her wrath.

It started with her wanting to kick her out of the family company, Prestige. After she failed to do that, she branched out and started a rival company that directly competed with Prestige. After that failed, she went back to having an affair with her former lover, Jeje.

As if her affair with Jeje was not enough, she went after her niece’s boyfriend, Crispin, falling pregnant as a result. Unfortunately, she miscarried after her stepmother poisoned her.

One thing about Jasmine is that she does not give up. When she did not get Crispin, she went back to Jeje, and they continued having an affair until Eunice found them in bed together.

For a moment, she felt victorious against her sister, thinking her ex-boyfriend would come back…but he did not.

When the relationship with Jeje failed again, in her attempt to destroy her family once more, she sold Prestige to her father's enemy.

Before she could answer for her sins, she was involved in an accident that left her with temporary amnesia, and when she regained it back, she fooled everyone to think she didn’t remember anything. Something she has been riding on to plot her revenge plan, again.

Her sister made her the villain she is and it all started with Jeje, whom both don't want anything to do with now.

By the look of things, her mission for vengeance will continue for years to come. Watch as the story unfolds on Prestige every weekday at 8:30 pm on Pearl Magic Prime DStv channel 148 and GOtv Supa channel 305.