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Did Margot overextend herself? – Prestige

30 July 2021
It looks like she went into business with a wolf in sheep’s skin.
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For the longest time, Margot was happy to do all the dirty work Roman Kaliisi wasn’t willing to do himself.

She enjoyed some of the perks that came with her job until she realised she wasn’t benefiting the way she wanted to.

She carried out all the unconventional work that led to Roman acquiring Prestige, Innovative, and the Oasis Hotel.

However, when it was time for roles to be assigned for the new management of these establishments, Roman overlooked her.

That’s when she started questioning Roman’s plans for her and found that his ruthlessness can extend to her anytime.

As a result, she started transferring some of her money to offshore accounts in case she decides to leave Kampala. However, it looks like she’s being sloppy in her arrangements. Roman is sniffing around and he doesn’t like the smell.

With Jeje and Eunice working hard at getting back their companies from Roman, Margot could be the link to put an end to Roman’s greed, which knows no bounds.

She has enough information to take him down. But can she do it without incriminating herself? She’ll have to decide whose freedom is more important: hers or Roman’s.

If she teamed up with the Kintus, they would make a good force to take on Roman Kaliisi. However, she’ll have to work hard to convince the Kintus to get on her side.

What will she do? Roman is not a forgiving man and he has no mercy for anyone who stands in his way.

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