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Chelsea ready for a big move – Prestige

29 August 2023
In the wake of the chaos at Prestige, Chelsea is ready to move up the ranks at Prestige
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Prestige has undeniably fallen into the wrong hands, with Roman Kaliisa and Margot asserting their control. However, the challenges escalated when Roman Kaliisa passed away, leaving Margot in charge of what was once a thriving Samula business.


Margot's reign has been marked by anger, as the determined Samula women fight tooth and nail to reclaim their company from her grip. Amidst the chaos, it has come to light that Samula left her daughters and grandkids a stake in the company, and Chelsea is eager to claim her rightful share.


However, there is a significant obstacle standing in Chelsea's way of elevating Prestige to new heights - her own mother. Eunice, the largest shareholder, is equally determined to wrest control from Margot. Given the turbulent history between Eunice and Chelsea, persuading her to relinquish her shares may prove to be a formidable challenge.


Possible moves for Chelsea:


1. Partner with Eunice:


If Chelsea and Eunice could set aside their differences and collaborate, they would collectively hold the majority of the shareholding in the company. Once they have successfully acquired Prestige, Chelsea can use her position to negotiate for a more influential role within the company, giving her the power to make important decisions.



2. Act as Malaika's Proxy:


Malaika has displayed minimal interest in being involved with the company, which can be advantageous for Chelsea. By acting as Malaika's proxy, Chelsea can exert influence over key decisions, leveraging the combined shares they possess to wield significant control.

Will Chelsea fight tooth and nail to elevate her position in the company? The unfolding story of Prestige will reveal the answer.


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