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Best of 21: Four characters who stood out

25 December 2021
If we were giving out awards for memorable characters, the following would be recipients.
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There is no doubt that we had so much fun on Pearl Magic Prime in 2021. Our characters understood the assignment, and we're here to applaud them for an incredible job.

Roman Kaliisa on Prestige

Roman Kaliisa introduced himself as Jasmine's knight in shining armour: ready to rescue her from the deep dark hole she had dug for herself. Unbeknown to Jasmine and the rest of the Samulas, he was the man who spent his life working on a plot to destroy the family.

His brutality knew no bounds and the anger bottled up all these years was all worth it to him when he started destroying the family one by one.

Unfortunately, his focus on the Samulas made him lose track of his other enemies. His demise started right under his nose when Margot hired people to kill him.

Nalweyiso on Sanyu

Love her or hate her, Sanyu would have not met the Kirundas if Nalweyiso did not sell her to become a maid at the mansion.

Nalweyiso is the definition of a cruel stepmother and her love for money knows no limits. If she could sell herself to the highest bidder, she would.

Spotting opportunities to make easy money is her strength. And even though she fights with her husband for this very reason, it does not look like she will ever stop.

Mel on Loving Tyra

If Tyra wasn't sure of the friends she had around her, Mel proved she had at least one steadfast friend by her side. When Tyra was kidnapped by her sister Varina, Mel went above and beyond to make sure she came back home safely.

She used her detective skills and connections to make sure the culprit was found and brought to book.

Mel is also the friend to call Tyra out when she feels she is being led astray.

Senga on Chapterz

Who do you call upon when you feel like your children are not behaving the way they should? When you feel like they're living a very fast life in the city? Senga of course!

When Apollo felt like he couldn't discipline his kids anymore and his wife was a social butterfly, he called upon his younger sister to instil morals back into them.

She accepted the task and became enemy number one in the Musoke household. However, it did not deter her from her goal, which was to make sure her brother's children did not tarnish the Musoke name in society.

When she felt her work was done, she left and reminded them that she would be back should there ever be a need again.

Remember to stay glued to Pearl Magic Prime this festive season on DStv channel 148 and GOtv Supa channel 305.