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That moment when… – Prestige

25 June 2021
As we reach 100 episodes, let’s look back at the moments that left us either sobbing or infuriated.
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There are a lot of moments that had us in our feelings throughout the show. Let’s look back to how bumpy a ride it has been.

When Jasmine lost the baby

Even though Jasmine was having an affair with her sister’s husband, the baby she was carrying was that of her niece’s boyfriend, Crispin. And although Jasmine knew Jeje was not the father of her baby, she continued to blame Eunice for her miscarriage.

When Jasmine signed away Prestige

Jasmine got herself into debt and as a result, struggled with Prestige until an investor by the name of Roman Kaliisi saved her. However, the amount of shares Jasmine had were not enough. Desperation got the better of her and she ended up asking Jeje to fraudulently obtain Eunice and Chelsea’s signatures.

The sale went through, but Jasmine later found out it was all a scam, and she lost her father’s company.

When Eunice found Jeje and Jasmine in bed

Jasmine and Jeje have been seeing each other over the years and though suspicion was there, she blatantly denied it to her niece, Malaika. Her loneliness led her to invite Jeje over to her house at the same time Eunice found out Prestige wasn’t operating. When Eunice walked in on Jasmine and Jeje, the sight was enough for her to file for divorce on the day of her wedding anniversary.

When Chelsea was scammed by Joshua

Joshua’s reappearance in Chelsea’s life had her simultaneously confused and going with the flow. Her relationship with Crispin took a knock too until Joshua decided to leave Kampala with the millions of shillings she had loaned him, without documenting anything.


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When Roman Kaliisi merged Prestige and Innovative

While Jasmine signed off Prestige to Roman Kaliisi, for Innovate it was time for a hostile takeover. The board voted off Eunice as CEO and the newly appointed CEO turned out to be Mathew Kaliisi, son to Roman.

Meanwhile, Eunice and Chelsea are not letting Innovate go as they have vowed to fight. As the story continues, will Jeje and Eunice’s marriage end? Will Jasmine and Eunice form an alliance and fight for their father’s company?


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