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The Kirunda men and their ‘red-flag’ partners – Sanyu

07 August 2023
How can they not see their women for who they truly are?
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Could it be that the Kirunda men are truly captivated by love, to the extent that they are willing to accept women who bring no peace into their lives?

Oscar and Kirabo

A complex connection in the realm of relationships, Oscar and Kirabo's connection is bewildering. Oscar seems to deliberately send mixed signals to Sanyu, while being fully aware of her fiery temperament and insecurities. Conversely, Kirabo appears to prioritise Oscar's social status above all else. This should raise a red flag!

As their wedding rapidly approaches, one can't help but question whether Oscar will turn a blind eye to his fiancée's true nature.

Patrick and Lucy

Amidst the mansion's drama, Patrick and Lucy seem to be the only couple content in their relationship. However, closer inspection reveals Lucy's hidden agenda and cunning tactics to push Patrick into a position of power within the company. This raises alarming red flags.

Furthermore, Lucy's mastery of manipulation, skillfully whispering the right things to her husband, makes it clear that her objective is to ride the Kirunda wave until her selfish desires are fulfilled, leaving the rest of the family empty-handed.

Francis and Pesh

Where do we even begin with the disrespect from both Francis and Pesh towards the Kirunda matriarch, Linda?

Francis’ adulterous ways have found a way into his marital home. For the past few weeks, the living arrangement in the Kirunda mansion involved Pesh, Francis and Linda letting each other know that none of them is ready to leave the house.

Where does one draw the line with infidelity? Why was it easy for Pesh to move into the main house? Was it because there was something more that Francis promised her at the expense of his wife’s well-being?

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Kirunda men and their choices 💀

Which couple irritates you the most?

Kirabo and Oscar95%
Mellisa and Pias3%
Pesh and Francis0%
Lucy and Patrick2%

The plot thickens and we can’t wait to see if the Kirunda men will finally see the women they’re with for who they are.

The story continues to unfold! Watch Sanyu every weekday at 8 pm on Pearl Magic DStv Channel 161 and GOtv Channel 301.