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Quick guide: Surviving as a maid – Sanyu

03 July 2023
Here are a few tricks Sanyu has used to survive as a maid.
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Sanyu's life took an unexpected turn when her stepmother sent her away to work as a maid for a wealthy family in Kampala, Uganda. It was a challenging situation, but Sanyu managed to transform this negative experience into something positive. 

Despite the hardships she faced, her determination to pursue her dream of studying fashion and making her father proud kept her going. Today, we take a closer look at Sanyu's journey and present a quick guide to succeeding as a maid in Kampala.

Survival 101

1. Be humble: 

Despite not initially agreeing to become a maid, Sanyu has consistently shown a remarkable level of humility. Working for a difficult family tested her patience, but she managed to remain grounded throughout. This trait has not only helped her navigate challenging situations, but has also earned her respect from some of the Kirundas.

2. Be loyal: 

Sanyu was assigned to work as a helper for Mellisa, the family's spoiled brat. Despite the challenges that came with this role, she took the punches to the chin and remained loyal to her duties. As such, Mellisa and Sanyu’s relationship has grown to include elements of loyalty and trust. Mellisa's family now recognises Sanyu as the only person they trust to take care of their daughter's needs in the house.

3. Be a little charming: 

Have you ever noticed how a touch of charm can make someone stand out in a crowd? Well, that's exactly what happens whenever Sanyu is in the presence of Oscar. Despite her humble nature, there's something about her that catches his eye and sets her apart from the other maids. Oscar finds himself drawn to her, always ready to defend her whenever the need arises. There's no denying that there's a special connection between them, and it's simply charming to witness.

4. Steer clear of gossipmongers: 

In a world filled with rumours and gossip, Sanyu has made it clear that she wants no part in it. She refuses to engage in the gossip sessions that the rest of the staff at the Kirunda mansion often indulge in. While this decision has earned her the respect of some, it has also caused a rift between her and one of the lead maids, Karungi. But through it all, Sanyu remains steadfast in her refusal to participate in idle talk, determined to stay true to her values.

Now that’s how you set yourself apart! 

Will things get better for Sanyu? Only time will tell as the story continues to unfold. Tune in to Pearl Magic on weeknights at 8:30 pm on DStv channel 161 and GOtv channel 301 to find out what lies ahead for Sanyu and the rest of the characters. The drama, the charm, and the intrigue await you, so don't miss out!