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Naava’s debt threatens her family’s security – Zensega

30 April 2024
Will Naava settle her her debt and save her family’s home?
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Naava is thrown into a whirlwind of emotions when she uncovers the startling truth: Augustine, the proprietor of Ago Micro Finance, is none other than her mother's former flame.

In a blaze of fury, Naava rushes to Augustine's doorstep, fuelled by the revelation of his involvement with Ago Micro Finance.

Having fallen into debt with Ago, Naava faces the prospect of losing her family's home as Augustine seeks compensation. Little does she know, Augustine's past with her family is fraught with bitterness.

Yet, Naava's primary concern isn't the tangled history between Augustine and her family. Instead, she dreads the moment her mother, Nkinzi, learns of the impending repossession.

The pressing question looms: Will Augustine back out and give what's due to Naava's family?

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