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Kanseeme returns with brand new episodes! – Kanseeme

09 April 2024
The sensational star, Anne Kansiime, graciously invites us back into her world, embarking on a thrilling journey through her life with fresh and exciting new episodes.
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Sundays aren't just about relaxation; they're about weaving the threads of family closeness and warmth. Amidst this exhilarating ride, three constant factors shine bright in Anne’s life, and we’re here to share in the bliss.

If you’re not familiar with her story, here are the reasons why she remains a fan favourite and sweetheart:


Anne loves Sky loudly, and even after many years of being together, she still can't get enough of the man who makes her gloomy days brighter. Their affection isn't just whispered; it's shouted from the rooftops. In previous episodes, the couple revisited where their love story began, and it all came flooding back why they chose each other. The birth of their child made us envy love’s calling.

Family and Friendships

Anne's commitment to her family knows no bounds, not even pesky sibling rivalries. She goes the extra mile to ensure her loved ones' happiness. Who could forget the time she orchestrated a surprise baby shower for Shine, even though it almost turned into a disaster? Her siblings hold a special place in her heart, showcasing a bond that's both deep and occasionally bumpy.

Anne's circle of friends is her rock. They not only stand by her through thick and thin but also uplift and empower her in ways beyond friendship. Their bond exemplifies the power of female camaraderie, reminding us that when women support each other, remarkable things happen. Anne and her friends inspire countless others to embrace the strength and resilience found in these invaluable connections, underscoring that we're stronger together.


While family takes precedence, Anne takes immense pride in her career as an entertainer. Her work ethic is a beacon of inspiration, proving that dreams are achievable regardless of background.

As she makes an exciting comeback to our screens, let's reminisce on the memories we've shared while eagerly anticipating the premiere of new episodes.

Tune in for Kanseeme on Sunday, April 14th at 8 pm on Pearl Magic DStv channel 161 and GOtv channel 301.

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