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What it means to be a landlord – Mizigo Express

15 February 2022
If you have people renting in your yard, you probably take headache medication every night.
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KK might have thought he was being nice or taking initiative when he thought of renting out parts of his property. Little did he know that he was creating more trouble for himself.

Every other day, tenants come crying to him with their problems and most times, he has no choice but to help.

Are all landlords involved in their tenants’ business? No, unless you’re KK!

So, here are a few tips we’ve picked up on being a landlord.

Be available

Whether the landlord is busy or not, when the tenants want to vent about their problems, it is of the utmost importance that the landlord is available.

Be it financial or relationships problems, the landlord needs to lend them an ear. Out of all the other people staying in that same yard, they trust the landlord more than anyone else.


Don’t be too open

Most tenants, like Opio, take advantage of people’s kindness. The landlord needs to keep the relationship professional or risk exploitation by the tenants.

Make no exceptions

Making no exceptions saves landlords from a lot of explaining. However, it doesn’t always help, but it lets the tenants know who the boss is.


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