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26 August 2021
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If you missed Mama and Me on Pearl Magic Prime, don’t despair because Showmax has you covered.

The story of Amito and her three girls is one of beating the odds. The single mother had to endure life-changing moments with her daughters Pearl, Dianne, and May but came out stronger.

It all started when she realised that her husband of twenty-five years had been stealing money from her and supporting his other families. She was invested in their relationship, while he was otherwise preoccupied. All he lived for was sustaining his concubines’ lives with the money his wife worked hard for.

After finding out, they had an altercation and her husband accidentally fell, hitting his head on the ground. In a panic, she assumed he was dead and put him in a suitcase and buried him in their backyard.

When debtors came to collect the money he had borrowed, she lied and told them he ran away. Upon hearing about his disappearance, his family members came for everything she owned accusing her of killing him. They were wrong.

Dianne, a self-made social media influencer and entrepreneur, is a young woman who just wanted to live her life doing what she loves. She bought herself a cow and kept it in their backyard. In preparing for its stay, she started digging around the kraal she had made and was shocked when she discovered a buried suitcase.

Amito was ready to confess her sins…until she discovered the contents of the suitcase were not there. What could have happened to the body? And where was it? These were the questions Amito started asking herself.

Her daughters all had different ambitions. Dianne wanted to be a successful entrepreneur while May wanted to be an investigator. Pearl was still figuring out her life when tragedy struck.

She was kidnapped, but her sister used her detective skills to save her, and May found Pearl and brought her back home. In a twist of events, Pearl felt no anger towards her kidnapper. She even found a way to go back and secretly hold meetings with him. Pearl fought with her family when they tried to separate her from the kidnapper.

Dianne, as an upcoming entrepreneur, also had her fair share of obstacles to deal with in her quest to gain a social media following while providing the best agricultural products.

First, it was an established owner of a packaging company that wanted to sabotage her, but her stubbornness carried her through until the business gained momentum. Just when she thought all obstacles and saboteurs had been cleared and the business was starting to pick up, old friends also tried to sabotage her.

A disgruntled ex-friend put a fly in one of her dairy products and took a video that went viral on social media, calling for people to boycott her products. Again, she refused to let her image be tarnished. She found the culprit and dealt with her accordingly.

Things were different for May. Even though she tended not to do things by the book, her investigative skills landed her a job as a trainee investigator in a law enforcement office in Kampala.

The story of a woman trying to make ends meet while raising her three daughters is one of perseverance. Amito instilled a fighting spirit in her children, making them unafraid to tackle challenges head on.

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