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Be fierce like Dianne – Mama and Me

12 August 2021
Dianne has proven time and again that she is no pushover when it comes to business.
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For an up-and-coming businesswoman Dianne has survived challenges that would’ve made many quit – but not Dianne. Instead, her dairy business is steadily growing and it’s all thanks to her fearlessness and fierceness.

From her cow, which is her only source of milk, being stolen to an established businessman threatening to sue her over labelling, Dianne has pushed through and is still standing.

Though she has tried to quit the business, the support she has received from her mother and sisters has been amazing. Her following on social media also grew which meant more reach for her product.

However, her growing business presented more obstacles for her.

Recently she joined forces with a packaging company and that did not sit well with her former best friend, Jojo.

In an attempt to sabotage her, Jojo put dead flies in one of Dianne’s dairy products and made a video that went viral, and her business was discredited online.

As if things couldn’t get worse, her recent partners threatened to withdraw from the partnership. Did that stop Dianne?

Instead of feeling sorry for herself and attempting to quit again, she found out who the traitors were and was not shocked to learn that her former best friend was involved.

Will Dianne press criminal charges or will she let it slide?  Watch the whole season of Mama and Me on Showmax.