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Amito confronts her husband’s mistress – Mama & Me

25 March 2021
This is a different level of betrayal!
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Life seems to be falling apart for Amito. While the mother of three has been doing a good job taking care of her family, her marital affairs are starting to show cracks. One of her daughters May discovered that her father, who’s been missing for a while, could actually living with another family.

May told Amito: “He’s been using his Bonga account ever since he disappeared. He hasn’t been posting but he’s been using it to chat.” Amito refused to believe this at first but May came with more facts.

She asked her mother: “So, you know about the house he’s building?” Amito was shocked as she never saw this coming. May uncovered the fact that her father has been stealing money from her mother to build a house for another woman. “If he’s building her a house that explains that he ran away to go and stay with her there,” May said.

After she discovered this shocking secret, Amito decided to look for the house in order to confront her husband. However, she found his mistress instead and they had a screaming match. “You are young enough to be my daughter, just like the others,” Amito told her husband’s mistress.

She added: “Are you not ashamed to be fighting a woman old enough to be your mother over a useless man who is old enough to be your father.”

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Amito then left the house feeling embarrassed and defeated. She got to her house and was comforted by May. How will she deal with this betrayal? You can catch up on Mama & Me every Tuesday and Wednesday at 7:30pm on Pearl Magic Prime, DStv channel 148.