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New month, new shows! Welcome to October on Pearl Magic Prime!

03 October 2023
As the year draws to a close, we're not slowing down on bringing you fresh, exciting shows!
October article cover

Prepare for a thrilling month ahead, as we introduce two captivating additions to our stellar lineup! 

Date My Family returns with a brand-new season on October 15th, where courageous singles will put themselves out there in the search for love. Brace yourself for some heartwarming moments! 

Introducing Hotel Mara, a hilarious comedy series centred around a determined hotel owner, who amidst numerous challenges, strives to keep his establishment running smoothly. However, as the staff go above and beyond to ensure their guests' comfort, their hospitality transforms the hotel into a wild and never-ending party. 

Get ready to laugh till it hurts! Circle October 20th at 7:30 pm on your calendar, because that's when the fun begins! 

But wait, there's more! Our regular programming will continue to surprise you with fresh twists and turns from your favourite characters. Are you prepared for the excitement?


Ssuubi's blossoming relationship is causing quite a stir! Moses and Justus are determined to put a stop to their connection. But what is their crime? Love? Will they succumb to the pressure of their elders, or will love conquer all? 

Catch Beloved every weekday at 8:30 pm. 


Linda is at war with Oscar and Sanyu and Kirunda tries to keep the peace. They’re family after all but how will the battle unfold? We all know how ruthless Linda can be when she feels trapped. Don't miss Sanyu, airing every weekday at 8 pm. 


It’s a cold war between Charles and Damalie after her unexpected response to the proposal. Can Charles work out a way to convince her to say yes to the ring? Meanwhile, an unexpected quirky guest walks into the Mbidde house and she’s keeping Damalie on the edge. And Maxwell, after being given a new role, is willing to go to great lengths to secure his bag. He's now considering unconventional methods to reclaim what he believes is rightfully his - his procurement position. 

Catch the epic challenge between the men in Damalie's life every Monday - Wednesday at 7:30 pm. 

Don't miss out on the fun this October on Pearl Magic Prime, available on DStv channel 148 and GOtv channel 303! 

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