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Battle lines drawn, shade thrown! - Kampala Creme

23 January 2024
Gloria's financial loss was just the tip of the iceberg - her peace of mind took a nosedive as well.
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This chapter in Gloria's life unfolded with an unexpected twist, adding yet another layer to her ever-growing collection of firsts. 

The story kicks off with an encounter between Gloria and Mami Deb, where the latter shockingly revealed that no budget had been allocated for Gloria, despite specifically asking her to host her fashion event.

The conversation took a regrettable turn, concluding without a clear understanding of the requirements and expectations. Both ladies left, each crafting their own interpretation of the situation.

In Gloria's mind, she couldn't help but perceive Mami Deb's intentions as an attempt to compensate her with mere exposure, rather than the monetary compensation she deserved. On the other hand, Mami Deb felt a wave of disrespect from Gloria and promptly decided to hire someone else for the job.

Unfortunately, Mami Deb failed to communicate this change of plans to Gloria, (really? đź‘€) leaving her completely unaware that her services were no longer required. With a sense of anticipation and excitement, Gloria arrives at the event, ready to fulfil her role as the host. Little did she know, a rude awakening awaited her, shattering her expectations.

In a dramatic turn of events, the night ends with battle lines drawn and shade thrown.

Etania and Gloria meet up to discuss the drama that ensued, while Mami Deb and Zahara also vent their frustrations and reveal exactly what they think. Zahara goes on to add that Gloria is nothing more than a social media personality who takes pretty pictures. Zahara further adds and claims to be the first child star in Uganda, although history may disagree.

Two episodes in and the ladies are serving serious drama! 

Will they sit down and iron out their issues or will they carry on with their daily lives? Time will tell! 

Make sure to catch the next episode this coming Sunday at 8 pm on Pearl Magic and Pearl Magic.