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What does Charles’ return mean? – Damalie

13 September 2023
After years spent abroad, Charles is finally back home.
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A few people are undoubtedly delighted to have Charles back, particularly his family. 

However, the question remains: is Damalie truly excited about her man's return? This uncertainty arises because Damalie has been involved in an affair with her friend's husband, Joel, and they recently confessed their deep feelings for each other. Will their relationship come to an abrupt end now that Charles is back? Let’s not talk about the money she has been misappropriating… 

Considering these circumstances, curiosity arises about what Charles' return means for his family as a whole. 

Drucilla: To his daughter Drucilla, Charles' return is long overdue. Drucilla and her mother have been at odds regarding her choice of studies. In a heated argument, Drucilla boldly stated that her mother is not her only parent and that her father would listen to her side. Having her father around is in Drucilla's best interest. 

Maxwell: For the longest time, Maxwell has been more than just a brother to Damalie - he has been her unwavering support. He is the go-to person for getting things done, and he has fully embraced this role. However, with Charles' return, Maxwell will likely have less time to fulfil this role. But another question remains to be answered, does he have any stake in the business he’s worked so hard to build with his sister?

Suzan: Another person who will undoubtedly be overjoyed by Charles' return is Suzan. She has frequently expressed her concern that Damalie does not prioritize her husband's well-being. With Charles taking care of some of Damalie's pressing needs, Maxwell will have more time to spend at home, making Suzan happy. 

Joel: It appears that Damalie has a strong hold on Joel, even though he is a married man expecting a baby with Isabella. He seems to be overly attached to Damalie, to the point where he has neglected his wife. She even had to remind him that she did not marry him to end in divorce. Charles' return may give Joel the opportunity to reignite the flame with his wife. He may need to open his heart and accept that Isabella truly wants to renew their vows. 

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