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See no Damalie, hear no lies – Damalie

01 September 2023
The dynamics between Damalie, Joel and Isabella have us wondering …what is going on!
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In a recent turn of events, Damalie’s relationship with Joel has reached a point where they refer to each other as "the love of my life". It's quite perplexing considering they are both married to other people. 

Damalie may try to justify her actions by playing the lonely card, as her husband is abroad. But what about Joel? What excuse does he have for neglecting his pregnant wife for another woman? 

On the other hand, Isabella is determined to make her marriage work. She shocked everyone at Damalie’s dinner party by announcing that she and Joel are renewing their marriage vows. 

To everyone's surprise, Joel agreed to this news without even consulting Damalie. This left her feeling uncertain and unsure about their future. This trio surely has a lot they need to sort out among themselves.

One can't help but wonder how they envision this situation playing out, especially if Damalie's husband returns.  

This story is far from over, and we eagerly await all the drama that is yet to unfold. 

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