Pearl Magic Prime



Every chapter is a revelation – Chapterz

13 August 2021
Pearl Magic Prime’s new drama will leave you in awe.

Unbecoming behaviour, deceit, and skeletons will come to light as Musoke Apollo battles to get his house in order.

Being so busy enjoying his success in the roads sector and rubbing shoulders with the country’s elite, Musoke’s house started falling apart.

His wife of 33 years, Sandra, has found new hobbies which include mingling in the city’s social gatherings.

Their three kids Catherine, Bill, and Hope also have demons to deal with.

Catherine mixes with the wrong crowds and so does Bill, while Hope sacrifices her integrity to accept help for her poor boyfriend.

In his quest to get them back in line, Musoke calls his younger sister to be the voice of reason in her nieces and nephew’s lives.

Will she be able to do anything for them? Will they listen to their aunty?

This is just the beginning!

Watch as the story unfolds in this brand-new exciting drama making its debut on Peal Magic Prime DStv channel 148 on 11 August at 7:30pm.