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Dr Bridget vs Catherine – Chapterz

01 October 2021
Is she in their lives or are they in hers?
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No matter how she looks at it, Sandra Musoke and her daughter Catherine are part of Dr Bridget’s life and by the look of things, it might be forever.

She has been keeping her affair with Apollo secret for a long time. Although Sandra never caught them, she always had her suspicions.

Sandra has had to tell the doctor to stay away from her husband numerous times. She never listened.

In a twist of events, Dr Bridget recently found out that her husband is having an affair with her lover’s first-born daughter, Catherine. As if that was not enough, rumours that she is pregnant surfaced.

It’s a tough one for Dr Bridget because she has her own skeletons too. And what will Apollo say to her when he finds out she knew about Catherine and her husband?

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