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Doctor-patient relationship – Chapterz

20 August 2021
Dr Bridgett and Apollo’s relationship raises eyebrows.
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Dr Bridgett goes the extra mile for her patients…or is it only Sandra’s husband who enjoys these benefits? Sandra Musoke seems to think that the doctor has her eyes on her husband.

The confrontation between the two women occurred when the doctor dropped off Musoke’s medication at his house. Fuming with anger, Sandra accused her of being too available for her husband.

“I remember telling you to stay away from my home. We know where the hospital is,” she cautioned the doctor.

With poise and confidence, the beautiful and well-composed doctor denied the allegation and asked Sandra to respect her.

“Sandra, there’s completely nothing between me and your husband. I’m a happily married woman with children. I do respect you a lot, please do the same,” the doctor hit back.

If Sandra could be a fly on the wall in one of their consultations, she would know she’s not imagining things. When Apollo came back to the city after being away for months, Bridgett was the one picking him up.

It is clear that they’ve been seeing each other for a long time but will they stop now that Sandra is on to them?

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