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Do it like Senga – Chapterz

05 November 2021
When Apollo called his sister to assist with his kids, he knew she was the right person.
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Catherine and Faith have been living their best lives doing as they please in their father’s house. Now the time has come for some rules to come into play.

Their aunt is making sure they don’t lose their morals any further and they are not liking it.

It’s not only the kids who are unhappy about the new living arrangement in the Musoke household but Sandra too.

The new reality was introduced to her when she was told to write down her movements before entering the house: places she’d been, people she’d seen, and most importantly, the time she got home.

Everything is kept on record and Senga is not bothered by their retaliation against her rules. If anything, Apollo will be thrilled to know his sister is doing an amazing job keeping his family in order.

However, for people who have been used to doing things without supervision, how long will they allow Senga to bully them in their own home?

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