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Where did it go wrong? – Sesiria

29 March 2022
Junior's kidnapping was supposed to have been an experience that brought the family together.
A family divided

It is unfortunate that Maseruka's household is falling apart when his wish was for everyone to come together.

Maseruka's will stated clearly what needed to happen but all that has been happening is bickering and threats. What will come next, another death?

Who had their wires crossed for the family to find themselves in such a mess?

Was it Victor?

For her, the only thing she did wrong was not being neutral among her children. She appeared to have taken Junior's side; something that did not sit well with the others.

Also, she has failed in keeping the peace and in honouring her husband's wish when she invited another man into the house.

Was it Luninze and Yolamu?

Luninze and Yolamu's efforts to bring peace also failed. Matters got worse when rumours surfaced that they had had Junior kidnapped.

Their credibility and roles in the family lost value and Rose saw it as an opportunity to let them know what she thought of them as her elders.

The association with the village's gossipmonger, Erusa, did not help either. Instead, they became threats and potential enemies to the family.

Was it Junior?

Did he kidnap himself? That's a tale for another day! However, the way he carried on trying to get his inheritance one would say he was motivated by greed or the fact that he felt robbed of his father's wealth when he was still alive.

Either way, the tantrums and kicking the family out of their home were immature moves that did not help the situation. He and Rose are always at loggerheads making it hard for Maseruka's house to be a peaceful den.

Will they ever go back to the way things were before Maseruka's death?

Find out as the story continues to unfold on Sesiria every Monday and Tuesday at 7:30 pm on Pearl Magic DStv channel 161 and GOtv channel 304.