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What’s next for Tyra? – Loving Tyra

07 February 2022
As the show ends, we cannot help but wonder whether Tyra could have done more.
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What started as a promising career in music was soon filled with setbacks that threatened Tyra’s career and her life too.

When she met Mathias, she thought her breakthrough was closer than anticipated. Mathias, a music producer, was interested in her singing and persona, and immediately Tyra fell in love.

She seemed like she had it all: the beauty, body, voice, and the man of her dreams. Her success led her to fall victim to envy from her sister Varina.

Varina wanted all that Tyra had, and as a result, she attempted to murder Mathias because she felt he was the reason for her happiness.

Varina killing Mathias

Varina was arrested for Mathias's murder after confessing to her friend Bunny. She served time in jail but was later released when the police could not find enough evidence against her.

Her arrest made her even madder at Tyra, and she initiated a plan to make her suffer, as she had in prison. She planned to kidnap her, and with the help of her friend Angela, it was a success.

After police could not find Tyra and efforts by Tyra's friend Mel failed, Varina thought she had won. While keeping her sister hostage, she revealed that if Tyra did not have all she had, she would not be jealous of her.

Mathias's return

After months of grieving for her man, Tyra was shocked to hear that Mathias was alive. According to Mathias, a woman by the name of Celine found Mathias trying to find a way to safe haven after Varina tried killing him. He kept a low profile until he was ready to face his perpetrator.

While Mathias’s plan was underway, Tyra was making plans to focus on her music career but that quickly changed when Mathias returned. Her friends Mel and Helen, who had played a crucial part in growing her career, decided to cut ties with her. They felt Mathias’s presence in her life was a distraction.

Being the stubborn person she is, Tyra gave them the middle finger, which meant they were enemies.

Tyra becoming a number 1 artist

After all the fighting and going separate ways with her friends, Tyra and Mathias worked hard and produced a song that topped the charts.

One could say, only Tyra knew what would work for her. She did things her own way and now we wonder what is next for her.

It is an interesting journey she has been on, and one can just imagine what more she can offer!

Interesting story, right? Binge-watch all the seasons of Loving Tyra on Showmax and see all the challenges she went through.