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We managed through Covid-19 – The Pablo Live Show

31 August 2021
The Covid 19 pandemic didn’t affect Tindi’s work.
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Tindi spoke about how grateful she is that she managed to find work in a time when everyone else was losing it.

“We, the Fun Factory, were so lucky during the lockdown that we had things to do. We had things to do with the MasterCard Foundation in Canada and we were doing so many projects. Let alone that, we had gigs left, right, and centre,” she told Pablo.

As much as she has been working, she pointed out that she missed doing theatre work. “I miss stage, because stage is what defines Tindi.”

The mother of three has also advised other parents never to limit their children. As a veteran in the industry, her mission now is to make sure upcoming talent takes Ugandan entertainment to greater heights.

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